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New Version!

April 16, 2010

I’m very, very excited about this new version. I’m aware I border on the obsessive in my love of this game – although not quite as much as this guy (whose babies I now desire (and as I’m male this would presumably be through a civil partnership or kidnap)) – but I’ve been looking forward to this update impatiently for what seems like years. And what an update!

First impression is that World Gen takes slightly longer, but as it effectively plotted out mountain formation,  the paths of rivers coursing to the sea, many civilisations and their alliances and wars and downfalls, and fully 127323 individuals, all with families and hopes and fears and aspirations, complaining about a 4 minute wait seems a tad churlish!

There will be stories to follow, I am sure.



December 27, 2007

The new versions are in 3-D, which takes some gettting used to. It’s still a 2D display, but you can move up or down a z-axis to get huge 3D caverns. This leads to some unusual (but ace) problems.

For instance, in the old version, you dug a channel, no problems. In this one though, it digs a tunnel in the z-axis below for the water to flow in, and only the surface is on the top. Play it, I know that doesn’t make sense. But anyway- I was being invaded by goblins, and a Bronze (megahard) colossus. After an almighty battle where my marksdwarfs fired every arrow in the fortress at the colossus (blinding him in both eyes, but doing little else) one of my wardogs knocked him backwards into my moat. Hurrah! I thought, and went off to slaughter the goblins.

A little while later the 2 goblin prisoners were in the execution room, and my head noble had just pulled the death lever. Which opens the floodgate, connected to the water channel, connected to the moat, which is connected to the river. Noble pulls lever. I notice a flashing C on the other side of the floodgate- “oh,” thinks I, “it must be the corpse of that OMG IT’S NOT DEAD QUICK PULL THE LEVER AGAIN ARGH!”. It had lay in wait on the otehr side of the (thankfully indestructable) floodgate. When that was lowered, it destroyed the doors to the jail, starting a creeping flood spreading through the fort. The last few dwarfs of the fortress died knee deep in swirling, bloody water, fighting with an angry metal god-machine. As the filthy waters seeped down the garbage pits into the chasm far below, the Bronze Colossus sought out all of the cats in the fort, and ripped their legs off.


February 16, 2007

I know it’s only a placeholder for an endgame that’s going to be written, but it’s horrible all the same.

Want your fortress to go on? Don’t mine the adamantium past the pits. Just… don’t. One hundred and fifty dwarfs, all dead. I didn’t even get to see them die.

New fortress just started up, but I’m looking for new challenges- I think I’ll try and be totally self-sufficient, and kill any traders who dare to enter my realm. That might be nice. Better stories to follow, I promise.