New Version!

I’m very, very excited about this new version. I’m aware I border on the obsessive in my love of this game – although not quite as much as this guy (whose babies I now desire (and as I’m male this would presumably be through a civil partnership or kidnap)) – but I’ve been looking forward to this update impatiently for what seems like years. And what an update!

First impression is that World Gen takes slightly longer, but as it effectively plotted out mountain formation,  the paths of rivers coursing to the sea, many civilisations and their alliances and wars and downfalls, and fully 127323 individuals, all with families and hopes and fears and aspirations, complaining about a 4 minute wait seems a tad churlish!

There will be stories to follow, I am sure.



2 Responses to “New Version!”

  1. Nick Says:


    I actually LMAO at this blog since I found it about a year ago, and I was really disappointed on returning here, to see that you don’t write anymore. What stopped you? No comments? I think its an awesome blog and personally love the way you turn these in-game events into player stories.

    Anyway, hope you are still enjoying Dwarf Fortress, as you stories gave me some of my first insights into this game.

  2. Amin Says:

    Same here. Your stories are very amusing to read. I’m just getting into Dwarf Fortress, so I’ve also learned a few things from this blog.

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