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Dwarven Dad

August 20, 2008

Mosus Cattenunib was a craftsdwarf, plying his trade from fortress to fortress as a migrant. Upon arriving at my fort he attended a party, fell madly in love with one of my Marksdwarfs, and married her. How the fortress rejoiced! Scarecly had the confetti fallen when a baby was born, followed by another the next spring, and then yet another. Soon the family of 5 was living in their own quarters- a specially dug out bedroom with a few beds for the kids, and chests and cabinets for all their belongings. Truly heartwarming!

…until the goblins invaded. Mrs Cattenunib was guarding the entrance way with the other squads, waiting for the scum to burst through the front door. I was slightly worried because she had her baby with her, but I guessed that she could take care of herself.

She could.

Unfotunatly Mosus wasn’t so lucky. Unbenownst to me, his bedroom had a few extra value-added features. It had skylights.

See, when I’d been constructing the fortress defences I’d wanted to remove a large overhang sticking out untidily over the entrance to my fortress. Being the lazy type, I evacuated the area beneath and set a miner to channel along the connecting edge, bringing the whole lot crashing to the ground. And, it turns out, crashing straight through the ground, into the family accommodation below.

I only figured this out as goblin bolts pored into the still-twitching corpse of Mosus.

Mrs Cattenunib got pissed off at this point. The goblins beat a hasty retreat as she poured bolt after bolt into the main invasion force, only to be caught in the “corridor of traps”- a trade tunnel under the mountain that I’d rigged with closing bridges at either end- they were trapped. She got her revenge to the tune of 5 dead Goblins. The carnage cheered her up so much she isn’t even sad about her spouse’s death.

Their children were worst hit. The younger daughter took it in her stride, but the eldest Son is pretty depressed. The baby is too young for complex thoughts and feelings, and just has the status- Mistem has been unhappy lately- she lost a father to tragedy.