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January 23, 2008

Whats a fair response for a dwarf not following a noble’s construction order? A few days in prison? A couple of lashes?

Bear in mind please that the noble was asking for clear glass crafts. I don’t have any sand on the map. No sand= no glass. It’s an impossible order. You’d think that the sherrif would take that into account, right?

My hammerer decided a fair price would be to track down the only dwarf (an immigrant) with glass making skill, and mangle both of his legs. Not just break- mangle. As in, he’ll never walk again. Or wank- both of his wrists were also broken.

My hammerer now has the thoughts: He lives to enforce dwarfven justice. He has been estatic recently. He has beaten someone with a hammer recently.

Edit: “Punchbag” the hammered was lying on the floor of the jail, unconcious. Until of course another dwarf came in (after tantruming due to the death of his freind and punching a marksdwarf in his squad). This dwarf then had a tantrum about being confined, and started beating Punchbag in the face, while he was still out cold. So the guards came and beat both of them for fighting.



January 12, 2008

I appointed my fortress leader pretty much because he was the top of the roster list- the social skills he gained when having meetings with diploments made him able to be elected when the fort became big enough for democracy.

Maybe I should have taken more care in selecting him. HisĀ  profile now says “He is socially crippled by thoughts that everyone is watching and judging him”. I think he’s going to crack under the pressure- if he wasn’t a legendary miner/bookeeper I’d murder him. I’ll put some nice engravings and windows in his suite of rooms and hope he cheers up.