My fortress was 200 strong, and very healthy. I had an army of about 20 marksdwarfs, most of them elite, with a big fortress guard of swordsdwarfs. Massive amounts of industry could be performed in very short times- my dwarfs were all pretty ace.

Then, as the title may suggest, a time of War decended.

The first action was of my own making. I’d spent some time building up a network of passages, drawbridges, and fortified shooting rooms next to the lava flow, ready for when I disturbed the demons in the pits beyond it (about 10 or so superhardbastards, ussually). When my marksdwarfs were in place, I evacuated the civilians to beyond the chasm and lifted the drawbridges, sealing off the area. Then a solitary (suicidal) miner was sent to dig for the pits. In the ensuing battle I lost the miner, 3 marksdwarfs who were hit with flying fireballs, one swordsdwarf who decided to stand on the bridge over the magma, and was thus pushed aside to his death. Not a bad loss rate for such a hard enemy.

About 5 minutes later- with the section reopened and dwarfs scattering to clear up the blood and limbs- a bronze colossus arrived outside. I sent a squad out to intercept it, not knowing what to expect- I’ve never fought one before. When the limbs and heads of half that squad were scatted liberally about, the remaining, deeply crippled dwarf made a run for home. Followed by a bronze giant of death. Some quick thinking had the rest of my army outside the gates, and the civvies cleared from the area. Final score- Dwarfs 1 (after about 5 minutes, he really was tough) Bronze Colossus 12. I had 6 marksdwarfs left, three of which are now crippled to shit. The other 3 are elite, and severly battle hardened. In one of their profiles- “He is starting to get used to tragedy”, after 3 of his mates in his squad had died, which is probably the saddest thing in the word ever. I drafted about a dozen farmers and peasants into new recuits and set them to training, ready for the long climb back into being a proper military power again.

Two minutes later- the dead hadn’t even been cleared yet- a goblin invasion force arrived. Three warbands of goblins, and three lots of troll. There was no choice- I retreated to within the mountain. Catapults fired on the advancing enemy- all the hours spent training a legendary siege operator paid off, as the near machine-gun like fire of rocks took out one of the the bands of goblins. But it was inevitable- the enemy breached my gate. The large array of traps took out a lot of them- 10 were trapped in cages, while most were cut to shreds by the weapon traps. The few that got through to the inner moat were (eventually) cut down by the vast numbers of really quite shit recruit marksdwarfs in the entrance barracks. The rest, anout 20 or so, ran- I opened my gates and let the Guard and their dogs chase them down. Most by this point enetered martial trances, and the slaughter was complete. My losses were 2 of the injured soldiers that could not run in time, 2 fishers, 2 woodcutters a few minor Nobles and a hunter caught outside, and a couple of guards in the chase. They also wiped out an elven trade delegation, which might come back to haunt me later.

The Great Clean-Up has begun. All hands are involving in sorting the piles of corpses into coffins and refuse piles. The masons are working overtime making enough caskets for the dead. The famers are desperatly trying to get enough food from their neglected fields to get us through the winter. The Guard are running around like madmen, dealing with the tantruming dwarfs, some of whom have lost their entire families and friends. Any engraving or craftwork that is done (now this is cool) shows scenes of death- of goblins killing dwarfs, of dwarfs killing dwarfs, of trolls making rude gestures at injured and weeping dwarfs. I checked the status of my oldest, toughest elite marksdwarf (“Colosso”, after the monster he slew) and it simply states- “He doesn’t care about anything anymore”. Will this fortress recover? Maybe it has seen too much disaster. Only time will tell.



2 Responses to “War.”

  1. Nick Wiggill Says:

    That is an awesome Tale. Colosso sounds harder than a rock. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nefer Says:

    What a story !
    The bards shall tell your tales trough all lands.
    And your hero dwarf turned into stone living statue, with a heart in steel.

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