“Fox-Face McBrainDamage”

A dwarf went out one day to chop some wood, but he was interupted by a fox. He thinks to himself “It’s my chance to shine!” and leaps onto the fox, battle axe swinging.

He seems to have attacked the fox face first. Not only is he half blind now, the fox also bit off his nose (his nose! ow!) and gave him pretty severe brain damage. So now the poor fool falls unconcious every 5 seconds or so. It was amusing at first, but now the job cancelled messages are bugging me. Plus a load of immigrants just arrived and bedrooms are at a premium.

Fox-face McBrainDamage, I’d like to introduce you to the crushing drawbridge of death. *squish*…

Edit: in the end I decided to put him on the bridge over the chasm, which was under repeated attacks from batmen, in the hope that he could die a hero’s death. He did manage to take down a batman fairly easily, but it took out his other eye and broke his right arm, left leg, and mangled his spleen in the process. It also must have nudged him in the head a bit more, because now he falls unconcious every few seconds- meaning he cant eat, drink or sleep. He’s currently dieing a slow, agonising death in the middle of the food stockpile, reaching out to a barrel of beer every few seconds before slumping down unconcious again.



4 Responses to ““Fox-Face McBrainDamage””

  1. Scatman Dan Says:

    You not playing Dwarf Fortress any more? Or have all the story possibilities been exhausted…

  2. poobar Says:

    I’ve not played it for a couple of weeks- I’ll start up again soon. Stories to follow!

  3. Ian Says:

    Probably one of the funniest stories I have ever read on Dwarf Fortress. You are definitely a talented writer.

  4. bg3 Says:

    Hah, loved it!

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