Cave-in Claims 2 Dwarfs

I just lost two dwarf in a cave-in. It was my fault, I miscounted when assigning the area to be mined. I lost a mason (which pissed me off, I’ve only got four) and a metalsmith. The groovy bit is, they got two different messages- one was crushed under the collapsing ceiling, the other killed by falling rocks. Sure enough, there was only one corpse (the mason) in the room when the dust cleared- the other had presumably been caught under one of the now collapsed sections.

Nicely detailed, you say. But wait! A while later chokeing clouds of purple miasma began to fill the room, pissing off the dwarfs hanging out in the newly dedicated statue garden. As they all seemed to be eminating from one of the collapsed piles of rock, I got a miner to dig it up- revealing the now fairly rotten corpse of the metalsmith. The dwarfs carted him away to his coffin, and I placed a statue there in his memory; the poor, rotten bastard.



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