Nobles, everywhere…

10 of them at once- A baron and his wife, a king and queen, a tax collector, a Hammerer, and a few guild reps as well. A couple of interesting things- a dungeon master, who is a pretty good metalsmith and lets me tame exotic animals (like monkeys!). Also, I got a message “the king has turned up, dressed as a peasant!”. There were 6 peasants, I havent a clue which one is him. I’m either going to let it play out, presumably with him jumping out at some point as shouting “Boo! I was the king all along!”, or organise all the new peasant into a squad and take them out to wrestle Cougars.

I’ve got a plan to get a bit more of a military challenge going too- having wiped out the goblins and all. The last time the elves came to trade I just siezed all of their goods. Hopefully the treehugging hippy scum will attack soon- I’ve built a new drawbridge in my enterance hall that crushes people to death. I tested it on a small crippled cat and it seems to work fine.

Frogmen invaded. The first I know about it was looking at the river and seeing it run red with blood- my traps had caught them all before a dwarf could spot them and raise the alarm. I’m a bit disapointed- I still havent sent Blind Bill (now re-named Daredevil) into battle yet.



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