Unlucky Sue

Unlucky Sue got the shitty end of life’s stick. She was married to a rookie marksdwarf (whose name I forget), and they were happy as can be- she tended the fields while he defended the fortress from groundhogs. She was a pretty good mason too- the even made a legendary artifact, a limestone table which she carried everywhere. Her strength had increased so much from her skill boost after builing it that it hardly slowed her at all. Her and her husband lived together for a while, and she got pregnant. Surely nothing could go wrong.
Then it all went wrong.  The hubby was out hunting for groundhogs when a cougar jumped from ambush, and promptly tore him into 8 different chunks before his squadmates could shoot it down. Sue instantly fell into a deep depression, and had a tantrum- she kicked two cats across the room, killing one and breaking another’s spine. A passing guard saw and beat her unconcious.

When she woke up she was tied to a tether in jail, and her unborn baby was dead. She’d miscarried while she was unconcious. From then on she was “beserk”. Anyone entering the jail to feed her or try and subdue her was beaten to death with her prized limestone table. In the end, I got a noble to pull the “Death Lever”, just outside the door to the jail, which flooded the jail. She’s finally at peace- the only reminder of her life is a crippled cat in the corner of the dining room, which crawls around pathetically and passes out from the pain every few minutes.

Everything in this is true, and the only input I had was ordering the husband to go on patrol and pulling the lever at the end. The rest played out on it’s own.



One Response to “Unlucky Sue”

  1. Scatman Dan Says:

    …a limestone table which she carried everywhere…

    Sue had arms like tree trunks.

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