I just had a goblin invasion- 150 goblins, with about 20 trolls (who tear down locked doors like paper). My marksmen eventually kill their king (turning elite in the process) and they rout, with a master swordsman chasing them. He takes down 10 fleeing goblins, and doesnt slow down even one of them pierces his lung with an arrow. He’s not even slowed down now- just a bit winded. Normally a red wound on an internal organ kills pretty quickly- this guy isnt even in bed. What a monster.

I only lost three dwarfs in that whole siege, and had to build two new refuse piles for the corpses of my enemies. Oh, and the row of cage traps just inside my enterance means I now have 3 trolls and an elite axegoblin in my zoo, for the children to come and look at.



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